Monday, October 22, 2007

Bell Pepper

Had to draw them before cooking. Well, not really. I was visiting a cousin's place in Amherst, MA and there were these three plump bell peppers—green, red and yellow—which I was supposed to cook in olive oil, salt and pepper but did not get to do. Brought the pepper back to BC where they sat until they began to rot. Drew them quickly before saying goodbye to the color presence in my drab room.

Leaves Etc

Can't capture in a graphite sketch the vibrant colors of autumn but let your imagination fill in the colors.

The Lagoon at Cohaset

Last month, spent Friday afternoon and evening at Cohaset, where the BC Jesuit Villa house is located. It's a cold place because of the sea, that you can view from the many picture windows of this grand old house.

Autumn's Bounty

Its an uphill climb for autumn as unseasonably warm weather is sweeping the US. Wildfires in California. Clear and sunny skies in Boston, temperature in the F70s. But some signs of autumn are here. These are my sketches of autumn's bounty.